Hai, I am Aezriani, a 20-something, from Taiping (with love), Trainee System Engineer at 'Tettttt' Berhad (can't mention it), a daughter to my mama and papa, youngest sister, proudly aunty to my 3 heroes and 2 heroin, I am single trang tang tang (haha) but 'fall' with that guy (my favourite network engineer :P), in love with medical but I am a network graduated!!! (i love network too), I blog for myself and the stuffs surrounded me..yeah me!, talkative and very shy2 cat infront of strangers. Happy Blogging Everyone!!!

*Thanks to my parent, family, bestfriends and my favourite network engineer that stick around to help and support me all the through my previous, present and future life. I love all of u!!!

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